Faces of Bonnaroo

All images taken with a Canon AE-1 35mm camera with Kodak Portra 400. Film processed and scanned by Dunwoody Photo. Images are all SOOC.

There is something so refreshing about shooting in film. Were submerged in this culture that is so obsessed with reviewing, altering, and presenting ourselves in the most ideal form. Film, for the most part, doesn't allow this. There's no checking the back screen of the camera to make sure the shot is perfect, no photoshop (or at least I choose to do no editing), and no filters. Just raw images of real people which is rare today. 



Drawn to monochromatic scenes right now. Even with a small team of 3, you can create some great work. Looking forward to keep working with new creatives in this city and others. 

Keep creating. 

Photography: Shelby Gordon

Model: Karina Delbeau

MUA: Christine Dompier

Viva Las Vegas

When we first arrived in Las Vegas I had a conversation with the cab driver who happened to also be a photographer. He warned me to "not take the stereotypical photos every photographer takes". My response was that I've never seen those photographs and I've never seen this city, so, my perspective is completely unique. So, here's to hoping these images aren't like those that every photographer takes of Vegas. 

A random collection of images because, well, Vegas is pretty random. This city certainly has character! Lights, camera, action...